Dr. Elias Abi Khalil – Leader in Endometriosis, Fibroids & Advanced Robotic Pelvic Surgery

Magdalena Milosevic

It was 2 years back that I came across the name of Dr. Elias Abi. It was a lady that I met that had just recently removed her 20cm big fibroid with a robotic surgery and her hero was Dr. Elias. She has shared a very positive experience with me. Me not being ready back then mentally to undergo a surgery I packed all that up at the back of my head while still visiting his Insta page from time to time. It was a month ago that I realized I couldn’t bare the size of mine anymore and decided to visit his office. I saw a young, confident and calm doctor convincing me that the surgery will be just a walk in the park. That was very encouraging and that is how I entered the surgery room. Now being on the other side, 1.5 kg lighter and with 10 fibroids out of my body I realized he did the right thing. A surgery can not be a walk in the park but with the right doctor it is a journey worth going through. I have mixed feelings between why I didn’t do this earlier and so happy and confident in my new body. Dr. Elias is now just another happy girl’s hero and that little scar around my bellybutton will not go through any cosmetic corrections as I am more then happy to keep it to always remind me of my hero 🙂

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