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Tharani Day


Dr. Elias – very friendly , humble & kind hearterd doc. From 2017 I was suffering from endometriosis along with several fibroids. I’hd visited several doc but in vain atlast by grace of God via social media came across right doc.Dr. Elias expained in detail & he guided me. May 2023 I under went Robertic surgery it was really a great experience as the pain was minimal. I recommend Dr. Elias for any gynaecological issues. He is excellent surgeon.

Tima Radwan


After years of suffering from extreme pain, my research on endometriosis led to to Dr. Elias’s office. My outlook on the disease changed completely and I was certain that I was in capable and trusted hands. An incredibly patient and understanding doctor, would recommend to all!

Ghada Sakaan


I came to see Dr. Elias with a medical concern that required an operation. Dr. Elias’ professionalism, calmness, and expertise in his field gave me the confidence knowing that I’m in safe hands for the procedure.

Dr. Elias performed an excellent robotic surgery with the entire process being smooth and successful !

Thank you Dr. Elias Abi Khalil and team at CMC and I would highly recommend Dr. Elias for anyone in need for a highly skilled gynecologic surgeon in Dubai.

Sharmila Dhun


Dr Elias Abi Khalil (AKA Dr Superman) at Clemenceau Medical Center was a referral from my Fertility Doctor and I beyond happy that I have met him and have been in his care.

He has been very compassionate and patient during a very stressful time. I have gone through years of suffering from something I didn’t know I had. Even two other Doctors (in other hospitals) either didn’t identify the problem or misdiagnosed.

Dr Elias picked up on it from the first scan and the MRI he requested further confirmed his diagnosis. What I really appreciated was the open dialogue Dr Elias had with my Fertility Doctor – they were both in synch and proactively discussed the solution knowing what my end goal was. The recommendation was to have an Adenomyomectomy via Robotic Surgery.

I have never had surgery before and was quite terrified, however Dr Elias walked me though the process, sharing enough info that I needed to know to make a informed decision, but not sharing too much where I would be too afraid.

I think it’s common practice for people to take a 2nd or 3rd opinion, and even research the background/reviews of the Doctor/Hospital. I didn’t feel the need to do that – my gut feel was that this was the right decision with the right person.

Everything went as Dr Elias said and I am now in recovery. Nobody wants to go through surgery but the whole experience was the best that I could possibly ask for. It didn’t leave a bad memory and it didn’t make me fear medical procedures. I think the most important part was I felt secure that Dr Elias really knows what he’s doing and was true to his word.

On an extra note, the level of care provided by Clemenceau Medical Center is outstanding with excellent facilities. The structure of care is very organized. Every team member I interacted with was super friendly (almost family-like) and made me feel like the priority. Appointments were on time and approvals were quick. I was scheduled for my surgery promptly, and post-surgery care was attentive and comfortable.

Thank you Dr Elias and the team at Clemenceau Medical Center for making my experience the best that it could be x

Miranda El-Shentinawi


Dr. Elias is simply a passionate doctor he loves what he is doing he takes care of every small details. He takes care of his patients listen to their concerns answers all their questions even the embarrassing questions in a patient’s mind he will answer. A doctor with a big heart simply an amazing human being rare now days to find a doctor with such qualities. Very thankful for him during my procedure.

Allyza Orlanes


Dr Elias is the best in the middle east for robotic surgery on fibroids and endometriosis. He is an excellent surgeon, very skilled and very compassionate.

Hanine Lteif


Dr Elias combines the 2 most crucial features of a surgeon: professional excellence and kindness. Thank you very much Dr, I am very grateful for everything you did!

Akifa Saleh


I have recently undergone through endometriosis removal surgery by Dr. Elias. I am so thankful that I chose him as my doctor. He was extremely attentive and professional during the entire process. His knowledge and experience in treating my condition was impressive and greatly appreciated. He thoroughly explained everything to me and answered any questions that I had. The surgery went smoothly and I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend Dr. Elias for any endometriosis treatment and I am grateful for the care and expertise he provided. Thank you!

Rawandzz om


I personally had 6 fibroids ( in which of 2 exceeds 10 cms ) & It took me 3 years to decide on pursuing the surgery. I met many doctors and heard different opinions but was lucky enough to get across Dr.Elias’s profile.
Dr. Elias is of a great experience and makes sure that he uses the least invasive methods.

While many doctors were advising of c section , I have gone through a successful Robotic Hysterectomy which was extremely smooth.

I am grateful to have met him. Many many thanks Dr. Elias…

Sally Harby


I was referred to Dr. Abi khalil by my gyno. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. From the initial consultation to the post-operative care, Dr. Abi Khalil was professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate. His bedside manner was excellent, and he made sure to take the time to fully explain the procedure and answer all of my questions. The surgery hopefully was a success, and the recovery process has been smooth. I highly recommend Dr. Elias to anyone in need of a skilled and caring gynecologic surgeon.

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