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Lynn Traboulsy


I had my robotic endometriosis surgery done with Dr. Elias. 3 months now after surgery and my pain is completely gone.

Lutchia J.


Dr. Elias is simply the best at what he does! He is an exceptional doctor and surgeon. He is very professional, personable, calm, and straightforward – explains all necessary information without any exaggeration. He is also very supportive and is always available to answer any questions / concerns.

His confidence and positivity are contagious, making the whole experience effortless and enjoyable.

I am very fortunate and grateful to have him as my doctor. Thank you Dr. Elias for saving my uterus!

Rasha Shehada


I have been diagnosed with endometriosis stage 4. I have seen a couple of dr’s before meeting dr. Elias but didn’t feel safe with them. With dr. Elias I felt safe, heard, understood and supported so I decided to go for laparoscopy with him. During my procedure dr. Elias found out that my rectum was badly affected by endometriosis and he did all that is necessary to save the rest of my rectum and to avoid having me get into surgery again. Dr. Elias’s ethics and professionalism saved me and I am forever grateful for his dedication and commitment. I highly recommend visiting him if you need any help with treating your endo.

Samira Sidani


Dr. Elias is very friendly and approachable. He was more than willing to answer all my (many) questions both before and after the procedure. He checked on me personally and made sure I was comfortable. He reassured me at times of anxiety and made me feel comfortable and taken care of. Thank you!

Basma Sagga


Endometriosis robotic surgery was preformed with dr Elias . Amazing team and amazing Dr. . Would definitely recommend.
He gives so much of his time just to make sure that you are fully aware and fully understand everything thats been said and discussed. Open to all questions without any delay or boredom. Very comforting.

Poya Manafi


I am very thankful for Dr Elias, he removed my wife’s 20cm fibroid with 3 very little incisions- we highly recommend Dr Elias to everyone!

Katia Adel


Dr. Elias is amazing… My Robotic Hysterectomy went as planned. There were no surprises.
Dr. Elias was very thorough, explained things clearly. It was a big surgery but with him was extremely smooth.
There was no post surgical pain, followed instructions. I was able to walk and discharge from hospital the second day.
My wounds are completely healed. I am grateful to have met him. Many many thanks Dr. Elias…



Besides being an excellent doctor, Dr. Elias is supportive, professional, dedicated and has a great work ethic. During the whole process, I felt cared for and completely at ease as Dr. Elias is always available and very reassuring. Thanks to his skillful performance, using non invasive robotic surgery, everything went way better than expected. Can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend him!

Tania B


I have recently had a procedure with Dr. Elias and I am truly thankful to him for the entire experience which was extremely positive and smooth, as well as for his genuine care and support.

Beyond his remarkable expertise and high work ethics Dr. Elias treats his patients with great sense of respect and consideration which makes him an outstanding professional and one of the kind in the healthcare system.

Throughout the entire process Dr. Elias has guided me through and addressed all my concerns and worries and put me at ease entirely.

I fully trust Dr. Elias and would highly recommend him at any time.

He is an exceptional doctor and brilliant surgeon who combines outstanding level of medical care and expertise with genuine personal touch and care for patients.

Kanta Mirchandani


If I had to describe Dr Elias in few words..it would be Extremely good care. I recently had a procedure with him and in all aspects of my interaction, he visibly puts you first. Not only does he work with you with patience and diligence to make a well informed decision; but is the finest in his discipline and area if expertise. Even during and post operative times; he showed care on periodical checks and to address any issues. I would highly recommend him. You will be in Extremely good hands. Thank you Dr Elias.

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